The City of Aliquippa Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community development corporation, incorporated on January 21, 2014 and reorganized on May 2, 2017.

The purpose of AEDC as stated in its Bylaws is, “…to create economic development opportunities and improve the general welfare of the City of Aliquippa by assisting the development and expansion of industrial, commercial, and business sites, structures, and facilities; removing blight; supporting the development of neighborhoods; and supporting social, educational, and public safety initiatives, any of which that either create or retain employment opportunities or improve the quality of life for residents and businesses located in or willing to locate in the City of Aliquippa.”

AEDC Goals and Accomplishments

AEDC, through a Neighborhood Partnership Program (NPP) awarded in 2017, has implemented various programs to address the issues of blight removal; neighborhood revitalization; downtown revitalization; youth and adult opportunities for employment through training, education and supportive services; and collaboration among established non-profit organizations, public agencies, businesses, the school district and City government to create a sustainable future for the City’s residents.


The goals of the NPP in Aliquippa are:
– Reduction of blight
– Preservation and strengthening of neighborhoods
– Improvement of the downtown business district
– Expansion of social services including basic needs, education, youth, and job training programs
– Community development and engagement


The projects identified in the NPP:
– Address blighted and unsafe structures
– Revitalize neighborhoods to retain and attract residents
– Increase property values
– Reduce residential and commercial vacancy
– Improve the quality of life for residents
– Improve the appearance and safety of the downtown
– Attract private investment to the City
– Create employment opportunities
– Provide or expand social services such as job development and youth enrichment programs
– Fill the gaps in basic needs of services
– Create a sense of community, identity and mechanisms for communication among the stakeholders throughout the City